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Trying to Survive on a College Student Budget

by Halee

Surviving on a college student budget can be quite a challenge, especially when you need new clothes, food, and enough money to hit the parties with each weekend. Although most students rely on their parents for their extra cash, there are many students who are completely on their own. Most of these students get a job on campus or even at a local store, but it still can be hard to survive on the low wages you will earn during the time you are not in class or studying.

One thing you can do to help ease your tight budget is to cut back on things you don’t necessarily need. For instance, if you typically spend $4 each morning on coffee at the local café, try cutting out that cost. Make your own coffee in your dorm room each morning and save over $100 a month!

Another thing you can do is find extra jobs around campus. Try setting up a tutoring business. If you are a good student, pass on fliers for inexpensive tutoring. You can even set up groups and collect fees from everyone involved.

Lastly, think about borrowing a shirt from your roommate for your date rather than going to the mall and spending $60 on a new one. When you utilize your resources, you will find you really don’t have to rush out and spend money when someone close to you might have what you need.

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