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Asian Girls on Cams FAQ


Q: "I don't see the connection between a webcams site and a dating service, please explain."
- Fred (Austin, TX )

A: Thanks for your question Fred. First off, you are right, it is definitely NOT a dating service. But what we try to explain here is that there are some women (asian, russian, etc.) on these webcam sites looking for love. Many girls on the site are kind of duped into this type of work, either because of family pressure or the lack of opportunities elsewhere. It beats getting into prostitution, which is another dreaded option for many of them. And since they do not ordinarily have their own computers, they do this type of work as a means to make money and meet men from the US, Canada, Western Europe, etc. Since it is free for men to join, it is a better option than the traditional "mail order bride service". At least in our eyes.


Q: "How do I know if the girl I am talking to is here for love."
Ramesh (Long Beach, CA)

A:  Very simple. Ask! It is okay to go into their chatroom and ask them "Would you be open to dating a man you met here.". Some girls will try to say "I cannot tell you in public, I will tell you if you go into my private room." That is usually a sign that the woman is just on here to get your money. This is something that they can answer. But private information is a different story. At least for many of these girls, their bosses instruct them not to give out personal information through the chat streams because these bosses are usually doing illegal things that they do not want to be caught doing. But streamate makes it easy for you by allowing you to send emails back and forth through their system. They can use that.


Q: "You said streamate was free but they asked me for a credit card to sign up."
- BillyGoat315 (Unknown location)

A: We explain in other parts of our site that credit cards are used for age verification. They will not charge your card unless you join a private show. A good byproduct of all of that is that it makes it easier for you to join a private show when your credit card information is already on file. It is almost impossible to accidentally join a private show.

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