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Chinese Girl Title 1: hey wuts up....

I love sports. I am just a sport maniac. I like football and baseball especially. I love the movies, beach, and music. Just looking for a nice guy. Im not into random hook ups. I'm looking for someone to go out and have fun with. So look at my profile.. If you like what u see.. message me.. k... byebye

Profile: scented_candles

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chinese girl antidepressant

Chinese Girl Title 2: Sweet and looking

I am looking for a guy between ages 20-45, who is fun, I want to settle down, after I am done with school. Outgoing, funny, and honest, good looking helps too. Um, I like movies, concerts, hanging out and relaxing, partying is not my thing, but i am not against it, I love comedy clubs
and Cook. I like silly guys. Somebody that can really make me laugh. Sense of humor is very important to me. Anything else you want to know then check out my profile. I am hoping to meet someone soon.

Profile: antidepressant

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The Chinese Romantic Ways
by Supanya Srichaphan

Before being romantically involved with a Chinese person, there are a few things you need to keep in mind in order to understand your Chinese lover better. In romance, Chinese are very different from, say, Americans or Europeans. They are very conservative in both physical actions and oral expressions.

While westerners may express their love by hugging or kissing, Chinese believe in working hard, supporting the family and being responsible as ways to show their romantic feelings to their partners. Westerners may buy each other gifts on birthdays, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, anniversaries or other special occasions but Chinese will see gift-giving as a waste of money.

In oral expression, Chinese can be very shy. You will hardly hear a Chinese person say the word “Love”. Even “I like you” is rare. Chinese try to keep their emotions under control and not use sweet words as ways to win a person’s heart. Also if they do something wrong, they do not apologize to their partner. They are also not very attentive to their partner’s feelings because they believe there is nothing to be sorry for between couples. You forgive and forget and rather focus their energy on providing for the family.


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