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Asian Girl Title 1: Looking Around

I am just looking around to see who's out there. If you are looking for someone kind, romantic, wicked sense of humor, contact me. I love to go out with you. Check out my profile.

Profile: "extremeagnes" @ streamate.

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Asian Girl Title 2: Need my Prince Charming

I need a guy that khow how to respect a girl.I also like funny and respectful guy. I love going to movie. I am a very casual person and down to earth. May be you and me can go to the movie together. Contact me back.

Profile: "teachers_pet" @ streamate.

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Asian Girl Title 3: Where are the good guy?

I love to laugh and sing. I'm just looking for a friend but who knows we'll leave it up to the fates...Check out my profile, and drop me a line.

Profile: "yvonne18" @ streamate.

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Asian Girl Title 4: I will be true to you.

I am looking for someone who is caring. some one that can be serious, but also very funny, intelligent, interesting, can make me laugh a lot. I am very open. I don't have specific guidelines as far as look.

Profile: "swtazn20" @ streamate

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What Makes Asian Girls So Attractive?

by Supanya Srichaphan

Most people will say “Because they are attractive”. They are typically very attractive physically, high cheekbones, silky smooth skin, full lips, petite and slender. They are also considered “exotic” which makes them even more attractive to the men of other ethnic heritages. But there are more to Asian girls than just their looks.

Asian girls are very feminine with gracious manners, gentle and polite. A typical Asian upbringing nurtures its women to be respectful to others and for them to value family with significant importance. Most Asian heritages are ones with extended family resulting in them being less self-centered but instead attentive to others’ needs, especially their partners. This self-less quality has led to a misconception that Asian women are obedient and easily dominated.

These girls may be polite but you will be surprise at how strong an Asian woman can be in time of needs. They are conservative yet easily adaptable to new cultures and environments while still maintaining their native values. They take pride of being a female therefore most take very good care of themselves and are not hyper-feminist which some men consider to be a negative personality quality found in some western women.

Of course those are just the vast generalizations of Asian women in a whole. Each one will always be different from the others so try to keep an open mind when dating an Asian girl and not make any assumption based on her ethnicity alone.

Article: Why Do Men Love Asian Girls?

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