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Japanese Girl Title 1: Want to Settle in USA

I just am almost done with school and want to settle down soon. I'm looking for a guy that can have a conversation and listen and know where I am going from and most importantly understands me and what I am saying. Well, I hope to hear from you guys sooner or later.

Profile: "yuko_dancer" @ streamate.

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Japanese Girl Title 2: Rose For You

I have always been busy with school, work, and family responsibility. I don't have much time for dating for a long time. But now I want to go out on the dating world, and find my valentine. I love guy that can me laugh. Check out my profile and drop me a line.

Profile: "romanticnsweet" @ streamate.

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Japanese Girl Title 3: Believe in fate?

I love to laugh and sing. I'm just looking for a friend but who knows we'll leave it up to the fates...Check out my profile, and drop me a line.

Profile: "hoshino4u" @ streamate.

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Japanese Girl Title 4: Movies?

I am just looking for someone who has similar intrests as me and who I can just be myself with. I want someone who can just sit down and watch a movie or go out to a club and have some fun.

Profile: "sensiblebadgirl" @ streamate

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Tips For Dating Japanese Girls

by Supanya Srichaphan

Many of us are told many times that a large number of Japanese girls are fascinated with Caucasians but this does not mean a white guy can get any Japanese girl he wants. When it comes to selecting a special someone, Japanese women apply the same standard for non-Japanese men as they do for Japanese men. Meaning that depending on personal preferences, some of the things they would consider are looks, personality, sense of humor and most importantly style and Japanese language abilities.

Also there is a misconception that Japanese females are easy when, in fact, they are very picky. They usually know what they want in a man and will try to get what they want without sacrifice. Japanese girls are stylish and expect the same from their men. It is best to be overdressed in Japan. Modern Japanese girls also expect to be treated as well as women elsewhere in the world, gone are the days of submissive Japanese housewives. Do not treat them like objects.

Remember that Japanese girls do not need to date foreign men since it can be a big problem to date a non-Japanese. There are enough good looking, stylish Japanese men around so non-Japanese men have to be able to provide sufficient qualities for Japanese women to consider them.


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