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Massage Parlors

Many of you are looking for a sensual adult massage from an asian massage parlor. In the United States, it is assumed that these types of places will give you an erotic hand job or a sexual experience that you will never forget. But the problem is poor etiquette will get you no where fast. These establishments are worried about getting busted and going to jail and you must know what to say and how to say it to get anywhere.

I have a friend that goes into these places and asks bluntly "Do you give FILL IN THE BLANK" but the problem with this is that you are asking out in the open and they are never really allowed to say yes. You have to go inside the parlor first and wait until you are lying down in the bed getting serviced before you can slip the question. But again, being direct will get you nowhere.


Oriental Massage Parlors in Bangkok, Thailand, or Tokyo, Japan

These are a different story. Any parlor in these areas will be designated as either erotic massage parlors, or traditional massage parlors. If it has the "traditional" qualifier at the beginning then you will not get the type of action you were looking for.

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Asian Massage Parlors also commonly exist in Philadelphia (PA), Boston (MA), Houston, Florida, Los Angeles, Atlanta (Georgia), Memphis, Orlando, Seattle, New Jersey, Las Vegas, South Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, New York (NYC), Boston,

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Mexican - Tijuana and Juarez Massage Parlor ( 5th avenue and Revolution )

Getting great massages in Mexico is perhaps the easiest thing for a man in america to do because of its proximity. For many men in Arizona, California, and New Mexico driving there can be done inside of a few hours.

Read about proper massage parlor etiquette.

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