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Proper Etiquette For Massage Parlors

Many men and women think that because they are paying for a massage that there are no rules of conduct or proper etiquette to follow. The truth is that for the experience to be as pleasant as possible for you and your masseuse, you need to follow a few rules. Take a look at these basic etiquette rules to follow when you are in massage parlors.

The first rule of etiquette is to be polite. Remember, you may feel like a queen or a king but you are a regular person and the massage therapist is not there to be your servant. So, make sure that you always speak to him or her with respect and treat them as you would anyone else.

The second rule of etiquette is to not make sexual comments to the massage therapist. Although the massage can be quite sensual, you should not take it as a sexual advance. You are not there to get anything but a massage and you should act like that is your only objective.

Thirdly you should always tip your massage therapist. Sure, a massage might cost you around $70, but most of that is likely going to the massage parlor or the spa in which the massage took place. The massage therapist deserves at least a 15% tip. You can always choose to give them more however and expect great treatment the next time you make an appointment.

If you follow these basic rules of etiquette for massage parlors you will find that your experience is relaxing and non-stressful in any way, which is exactly how it should be.


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