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Mail Order Brides


Mail Order Brides - What Are They?

You have likely heard the term mail order brides, but you probably don’t really know what they are. The truth is that mail order brides are women who want to marry a foreign man. In fact, these women are so serious about their quest; they often allow their names, photos, and personal information to be published on a website or in a catalog of some sort.

There are companies that actually coordinate the business and get the brides connected to the men that want a foreign bride. Many of the women who these businesses seek out are from underdeveloped countries. They are often from the Far East and need a way to get out of their oppressive situation.

That is the true motivation behind women committing to do the mail order bride routine. They simply want to get out of a negative environment and want to experience freedom in some fashion. That is why most of them seek American men. The process is quite fast in fact and American men usually pay no more than the cost of a plane ticket to bring their new potential wife to the United States.

All in all, there have been reports of mail order brides being abused by their new husbands however the situations are few and far between. Overall, the process is quite safe and everyone usually profits in the end. The process is even more popular than ever with there being thousands of mail order brides arriving in the States each year.


Mail Order Brides - Are They Legal?

Although some people might argue that it is not moral to participate in mail order bride activities, the act of bringing a woman over to another country is typically quite legal indeed. There are procedures that must be gone through before the bride can come to the United States however. The first step the American man must take is to apply for a K-1 visa for his fiancée. This will allow the man and woman six months to get married in a sense. They will be able to get to know each other during this time and they can choose if marriage is the right direction to take with their relationship.

If the couple chooses to get married, she can then apply for a green card. If she is issued a green card, her husband will have to commit to supporting her for ten years or until she becomes a full citizen. There are councils that view various items of the couple, such as their wedding photos, love letters, and other things that help confirm they are a genuine married couple. These cards are not easy to obtain however and many times women are sent back to their native countries.

The fact is that America has no problem with foreign women marrying American men for the right reasons. However, they don’t want faux marriages going on simply for the purpose of women trying to gain citizenship. If the couple is truly in a loving relationship, everything should be fine. But when there is deception involved, there is no reason the country should allow the women to stay.

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