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This website is targetted towards informing men how to find beautiful partners in the Orient and in Russia.

Why do I need to enter my credit card information if this site is free?
Chatting with the girls and seeing them is completely free. The website needs to have a safeguard against those under 18 joining their site. This is direct from management, "The credit card information is an age verification to access the site, there is no charge unless they go premium." You are NOT authorizing any charges unless you enter a private sex show.

How long does this free membership last?
This free membership will never expire.

Can I trust this site with my credit card information?
Absolutely. All billing is handled by a third party billing company called Paycom.net. They are highly trustworthy and handle many adult websites. Your credit card and personal information will remain confidential.

How much does it cost to have a private sex show?
Between $1.75 and $3.99 per minute and varies by performer. You are in no way ever required to enter a private show. The website also has an optional "video subscription" for $13/month that gives you access to samples of ALL their performers' past sex shows, each up to approximately 20 minutes. I estimate that their database would contain over 3,000 hours of sex shows. This is a very good deal to take advantage of if you want to and is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Do you get to see the women naked without paying?
Yes. But understand that each performer's mission is to get you to enter her private sex show. That is the only way she makes money. Because of this, many women may not get undressed for free. Why buy the cow when you can have the farm? Nonetheless, many of these women are dressed very sexy and HOT. They dance and shake it for free.

Are there lesbian shows?
Yes, there are many live cams that have two or more women. These are the most popular and men often take them to private sex shows immediately. If a woman is in a private sex show, you will not be able to see her nor talk to her.

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